We have arranged an official tour of Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage site on Miyajima Island, on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 15, 2024. The participation fee is included in the registration fee.


Excursion Schedule (15th) (updated)

You must have your conference name tag with you to board the bus and ferry, so please be sure to bring it with you.

Please gather at the entrance of the venue by 12:20. Lunch boxes will be distributed when boarding the bus.
Depart from the International Conference Center at 12:30 by bus.
Arrive at Miyajima-Guchi at 13:15.
Take a ferry boat to Miyajima, arriving at 13:30.

[Free time in Miyajima]

Please be sure to gather at the ferry terminal by 16:50.
Take a ferry boat to Miyajima-Guchi at 17:10.
Depart from Miyajima-Guchi at 17:30 by bus.
Return to the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel, arriving at 18:30.

A light dinner will be provided at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel after the excursion.
Please retrieve your belongings from the cloakroom at the International Conference Center Hiroshima by 20:30. It is a 10-minute walk from the ANA Crown Plaza Hotel to the International Conference Center Hiroshima.

Optional Activities (updated)

All the activities are now fully booked. Thank you for your understanding.

For those who have signed up for the optional activity, please gather with the staff holding a signboard after arriving at Miyajima by ferry and follow their instructions.

It is our pleasure to inform you that several optional activities are available during the excursion to Miyajima. If you would like to participate in this option, please register through the online form below.

Please note that registration is on a first-come, first served basis.

1. Calligraphy Experience (max 20 people, 14:00-15:00)

Calligraphy is the art of creating beautiful handwriting, often using a brush. In this unique experience, you’ll have the opportun ity to practice calligraphy by writing letters on a rice scoop (known as Shamoji), which is a local specialty of Miyajima.
Calligraphy |okeikoJapan (okeikojapan-miyajima.com)

2. Omamori Lucky Charm Amulet Making Experience (max 20 people, 14:00-15:00)

You can make your original amulet just for yourself. All the amulet bags are made of used kimono.
Making amulet | okeikoJapan (okeikojapan-miyajima.com)

3. Momiji Manju Hand Baking Experience (max 40 people, 14:00-15:00)

You can experience making Momiji Manju, which is popular in Miyajima. Momiji manju is a type of steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste, originated in Hiroshima.
Momiji Manju | miyajima (miyajimazaiku.com)

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